Diploma Work Offering

Master´s Degree 20 p


In order to obtain images from a low frequency radio telescope, consisting of a large antenna array of dipole elements, all antenna signals are digitized by high-speed analogue-to-digital converters and correlated (multiplied) with each other.

This requires super computer processing power.

We want the successful candidate to help us build a correlator in software, based on the IBM Cell broadband Engine found in the PS3, which we will use for this work.

At IRF in Uppsala we study fundamental physics using space as our laboratory. Our expertises are in space plasma physics and electromagnetism.To this end we work with theory development, perform computer simulations and build our own space instrumentation that we fly on board satellites or operate from the ground.

Are you an excellent programmer who wants to hone your skills on bleeding edge hardware?

Are you interested in high performance, real time signal processing?

Do you like space and astrophysics and want to probe the dark ages of our universe; or hunt for extrasolar planets; or maybe, detect ultra highenergy cosmic neutrinos?

To this end, we work in close collaboration with strong international partners to land a low-frequency radio observatory on the far side of the Moon before the end of the next decade.

Submit your application, CV, and relevant documents (on paper) to:

Jan Bergman
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Box 537
751 21 Uppsala

There is no fixed deadline for the application. Instead, we will wait for the right candidate to show up. However, the interviews will start immediately. If you have questions, please contact me using any of the following:

E-mail: jb@irfu.se
Tel: +46 (0)18-4715916
Mobile: +46 (0)70-6396166
Office: Angstrom 84114


Poster: Correlator.pdf
Physics in Space, IRF Uppsala
IBM Cell Broadband Engine Software Development Kit