Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets

Conference in Uppsala, Sweden: 12 - 16 June 2017

The Swedish Institute for Space Physics (Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, KTH) welcome you to the 20th Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets conference. The conference will take place from 12 - 16 June, 2017, in Uppsala, Sweden. An informal ice-breaker session will be held on the evening of Sunday 11 June.

The MOP 2017 Group Photo!

The official photo of MOP 2017:

And with name tags:

If your name is missing / mistyped, please get in touch with us and we will amend the photo.

Additional photos are also now online!

Thanks for participating, and see you in Boulder 2018 and/or Sendai 2019/20.

The scientific program for the meeting is available as a pdf here.

A short errata to the printed version can be downloaded here.

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